Water Sports

Water Sports Center in paradise Island

Paradise Island is not just a place for relaxation - It’s also a place for unparalleled adventure! Against the backdrop of an endless horizon, enjoy this Maldives resort’s many water activities,

Catamaran Sailing

What’s a better way of relaxing and enjoying the sun and the crystal blues of Maldives than to sail a catamaran. Experience the speed and thrill of sailing a catamaran.


Do you enjoy sun, water and exercise? Then come and try windsurfing! Never tried windsurfing? No problem, our instructors can teach you. With a reasonable breeze throughout the year that makes for perfect windsurfing conditions. It is lot of fun to slide the waves.


Get kitted and ready to paddle! These non-motorized crafts are for those who seek tranquility, nature and a bit of workout

Jet Skiing

If waterskiing is not for you or you would like to try something a little different, try out our jet scooters. Ride the waves on our most popular water craft. Operation and safety instructions are provided and life jackets are mandatory.


Had enough of sitting around soaking up the sunshine and eating too much good food. Want to exercise those muscles or prove to your friends that you can do something that not everyone can do. Waterskiing is something for those who love the fast lane

Tow Sports

So you have made some new friends and looking for a laugh. Why not try a wet and wild banana ride! The fun really starts when you take your first dip (or slip) into the waters and then try get back on. Riding banana boat is an exciting way to pass the afternoon.


you are never too old to experience something new. not very often in life does an opportunity present itself to fly without wings and have a bird’s eye view of an island as beautiful as paradise. safety is our priority, and our new technology allows you to launch and return right to the dry platform with a smile that stretches from ear to ear.